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Embarking on a life of travel together, you and your significant other dream of exploring the world and building a life of adventure. As you journey from country to country, thoughts of starting a family may naturally arise.
Family planning on the road brings unique challenges, particularly when it comes to health insurance.
Read here how to make sure in good time that all medical risks for your pregnancy, childbirth and your baby are well mitigated.

Here at we have particularly deep knowledge and experience around medical underwriting and coverage for all topics around couples becoming family. Our co-founder Christoph had previously been working for a decade at a specialized broker in children’s health insurance. In this article he is sharing what you need to know. Your key takeaway:
No worries, if you act early enough (well before pregnancy) then we can get you covered for everything unexpected.

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Health Insurance Considerations for Nomadic Families

As digital nomads you can work from wherever you want, you can live wherever you want and you can also start and raise a family wherever you like. This is a beautiful freedom and almost a guarantee for your kid(s) to grow up in a rich and diverse environment – everything but boring!

One of the key aspects of family planning for nomadic couples is ensuring comprehensive health insurance coverage. The more individuals you are the higher the probability for trip interruptions due to somebody being sick. The phase of pregnancy and having a newborn are especially critical.
Here are some crucial points to consider:

Waiting Periods for Health Insurance

Health insurance plans usually come with waiting periods, especially for maternity and childbirth coverage. It’s important to plan ahead and secure a policy well before you start trying for a baby. This will ensure that all necessary services are covered when the time comes.

Inclusions and Exclusions in Health Plans

The cheaper health insurance plans often exclude maternity and childbirth coverage. Nomadic couples need to choose their policies accordingly and need to understand what is and isn’t covered. Opting for a more comprehensive plan, even if it costs more, will provide the necessary coverage for pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.

I’m a father of a healthy two years old daughter myself. Talk to me about the necessary health insurance coverage for your loved ones. I am here to help.

Aaron Schnakenberg, expert broker for digital nomads

Essential Coverage Areas

When choosing a health insurance plan as a nomadic couple planning for a family, there are three critical areas to focus on. Each of them is similarly important – even though most people would usually only think of the first two most obvious ones.

I. Pregnancy Coverage

Pregnancy comes with various risks for the mother, including complications that may require specialized medical attention. Comprehensive health insurance should cover regular prenatal checkups, screenings, and any necessary treatments to ensure the health and safety of both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy.

II. Childbirth Coverage

The process of giving birth can be unpredictable, with potential risks for both the mother and the baby. Adequate health insurance should include coverage for labor and delivery, including emergency procedures such as cesarean sections, and postnatal care for the mother.
Coverage for preterm birth (this happens more often with twins) can be quite expensive – especially when the baby comes so early that it needs to visit the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit to spend some time in an incubator.

III. Newborn Care

Ensuring the newborn is covered from day one is crucial. We’ll need to look for policies that cover prenatal diseases, birth defects, and congenital conditions such as genetic disorders. Modern and quality insurers provide babies of their customers with their own unlimited coverage without new medical underwriting (meaning: no exclusions or risk loadings for the baby’s conditions). Usually there are certain conditions for this: At least one parent needs to be covered by the company for a specific period of time and the insurance company must be informed about the new insured within the first weeks after birth.

The right health insurance coverage provides peace of mind that your child will receive the necessary medical care without the burden of exorbitant costs.

From my experience the 3rd risk category can be the most impactful: Having a baby which is born not healthy can not only change the plans of your lifes as parents. In case of a severe chronic disease or a disability the financial consequences can become existential.
I am glad that we have the right tools to mitigate those risks – and uplifting use cases by customers who needed to make use of them. Let’s talk!

Christoph Huebner, specialist broker for digital nomads

Planning for the Future

As you plan for your future as a nomadic family, it’s essential to think long-term. Start by discussing your family planning goals and health insurance needs with your partner. Research and consult with us as your independent insurance brokers. We specialize in policies for digital nomads and find the best coverage options available.

Some examples: Different insurance providers and their approach

As independent brokers we deep-dive into the wordings of insurance policies. We pre-screen them before we take them into our assortment so we only recommend to our clients what does not have weird exclusions or unacceptable conditions. Here is a simplified overview of some of the household names in the market.
The binding terms and conditions are to be found in the insurance policy wording.

ProviderCoverage for maternityComplicationsNewborncareWaiting
Allianz CareNeeds to be booked as an additional option,
“Bloom”: 5,000 EUR per pregnancy
“Bloom Plus”: 10,000 EUR per pregnancy
“Bloom”: 10,000 EUR
“Bloom Plus”: 15,000 EUR
Yes, by contract10 months
Foyer Global HealthOnly in “Special” (max. 5,000 EUR per birth) and “Exclusive” (max. 20,000 EUR per birth), only for childbirth in a hospital; complications: no limitNo limitOnly if both parents are covered with Foyer10 months
Cigna Global Health (EU)Silver: –
Gold: max. 5,500 EUR per birth
Platinum: max. 11,000 EUR per birth
Silver: –
Gold: 11,000 EUR
Platinum: 22,000 EUR
Silver: 18,500 EUR
Gold: 55,500 EUR
Platinum: 122,000 EUR
12 to 24 months
PassportCardOnly in “Comfort” (max. 5,000 EUR per birth) and “Premium” (max. 25,000 EUR per birth), caesarean section only if medically necessary; complications: no limitNo limitYes (by contract and by law)12 months
SafetyWing“Standard”-plan”: max. 2,500 USD
“Premium”: max. 4,500 USD
General: 20% co-pay
Newborn coverage and maternity complications:
Limited to max. 50,000 USD in total
10 months
WARNING: Be careful with SafetyWing (Questionable offshore license in the Caribbean, no customer protection, no supervision or legal enforcement possible, illegal in Europe, USA, Brasil and other countries with strong regulation and consumer protection)
April International (EU)Needs to be booked as an additional option (only available from “Essential”),
Limits (double for medically-required
surgical delivery): Essential 3,000 EUR, Comfort 6,000 EUR, Premium 12,000 EUR
cost need pre-approval, otherwise only 50% reimbursement
No limitYes (with limitations)12 months
Regency for ExpatsNo coverage for maternity, childbirth or childcare
COVRD.EEIn all plans, no limits, in the “Best” plan additionally: extended prenatal care and outpatient cash benefit for a home birth No limitYes (by contract and by law)10 months
BDAE Expat InfinityOnly in “Premium”, no limitsNo limitYes (by contract and by law)8 months
As per July 2024, source: Wording of the insurance conditions of each provider

For a full comparison or additional providers not mentioned here just contact us. We’re happy to give more details, also for details on insured benefits for reproductive medicine.

Side note: Travel insurance versus international health insurance

As many digital nomads are on the go only with a travel insurance for emergencies and not with a comprehensive international health insurance: In case family planning comes then you need to upgrade your coverage latest for that. Read the full article on the difference between travel and health insurance to be on the safe side.

Scenario: Your nomad Baby will be born in Brasil

Many nomadic couples are looking into places on this globe where giving birth will come with extra benefits for the baby – like a citizenship! Some countries apply the so called “jus solis“, the “right of the soil”, which means that all babies born in the territory of that state will be entitled to the citizenship.

The USA is one of those countries – but not only the most expensive country in the world when it comes to medical expenses. A childbirth there can quickly become very expensive, especially when complications occur. Another downside of which most digital nomads are aware: A US citizenship will make a person a tax-payer to the United States of America independent of where they actually live. That’s why many US nomads actually renounce their citizenship once they got another powerful one.

But also countries like Brasil, Canada or Mexico apply the jus soli. And you wouldn’t be the first ones among our clients who give birth in one of these.

If this kind of “birth tourism” is on your agenda: Make sure you start your planning early enough.

Conclusion: How to get the right health insurance for nomad couples with family plans?

Traveling the world as a couple and planning for a future family is an exciting journey. However, it’s important to be prepared for the medical needs that come with pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a newborn. By securing comprehensive health insurance that covers these critical areas, nomadic couples can focus on enjoying their adventures and looking forward to the new chapters ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

Let’s talk and we’ll find the right insurance for your plans together.

F.A.Q.: Frequently asked questions about maternity coverage for nomads

What should we look for in a health insurance plan if we’re planning to start a family while traveling?

Look for comprehensive coverage that includes prenatal care, childbirth, and newborn care. Ensure the plan covers potential complications and congenital conditions.

What are the typical waiting periods for maternity and childbirth coverage?

Waiting periods can vary but are often between 10-12 months, with some providers even 18 or 24 months. It’s crucial to understand these periods before selecting a plan.

How can we ensure coverage for congenital conditions and birth defects?

Choose a health insurance plan that explicitly includes coverage for prenatal diseases, birth defects, and congenital conditions. Read the policy details carefully. And ask us! We’re here to help you navigate the jungle of international insurance. As we work with all the relevant providers we’re here to find the best fit for your situation.

Is health insurance with maternity coverage more expensive?

Yes, comprehensive plans that include maternity and childbirth coverage tend to be more expensive. However, they provide essential protection and peace of mind during pregnancy and childbirth.

Can I get health insurance if I am already pregnant?

Yes, you can get health insurance as a pregnant woman. But you will by default not be able to get the risks of pregnancy and childbirth covered. These will be excluded from any new insurance contract. For this insurance companies have waiting periods (of usually 10 months or more) in their conditions.

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