Health insurance for digital nomads

Medical coverage for entrepreneurs on the go

Global health insurance that covers the risks of your Adventures

Life is full of pleasant surprises, unexpected twists and turns, and serendipitous moments… these are what make it an adventure. We at Nomads Insure provide you with a selection of global health insurance packages curated from credible insurance companies around the world to give you health coverages that suit exactly your requirements. So whether you are an avid traveller with an appetite for the untrodden path, discovering a new city by making a life there, or even looking for long-term health insurance in your own country, we’ve got you covered.

From short-term health coverage included in travel insurances to long-term international health insurance packages that cover a host of serious illnesses, we take the guesswork out of healthcare costs and options relevant to you. Succinctly put, the health insurance packages we broker mitigate the risks involved as you live your adventure of choice.