Why I’m starting this

Christoph & Johnny in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’ve been a remote entrepreneur for a long time. And almost 20 years in business (yes, I started my first one with 16). I’ve always been self-employed and never signed an employment contract for myself in my life. My background is marketing but over the last decade I slipped into the finance and insurance industry.

Today I earn a good part of my money with my German company which is an insurance broker specialized in children’s health insurance. With a fully remote team of now 6.5 we help parents in Germany to find the best health insurance coverage for their kids.

Traveling the world with this job and talking at conferences like the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai about my other passion – the Estonian e-Residency – people often approach me and ask me for advice about their health insurance coverage as world nomads. But I hate starting this conversation at Adam and Eve. It’s super-exhausting, takes hours and in the end many people are scared by the complexity and high premiums – and don’t make any decision at all.

But the belief of being young, healthy and invulnerable is fragile. Especially as a digital nomad working while traveling your health is the most precious thing you can lose. A severe injury, a long-lasting infection or a chronic disease might mean the sudden end of the nomad dream.

So I started talking about the topic – like in the latest episode of Johnny’s Travel like a Boss podcast. And of course more people approached me after that. So I had to find a solution for channeling these requests and educating people without talking to everybody one on one. That’s why I’ve started this website and want to create all the content here: With videos, full profiles of the brands and products, personal reviews and general advice.

And for those who are willing and able to afford a long-term viable solution I also offer consulting and intermediation.

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Christoph Huebner Chief Nomad
Christoph, an entrepreneurial spirit and avid traveler, has been a leading insurance industry expert since 2010. Founding a remote insurance brokerage, he turned into a perpetual traveler by 2017. Today, he's a top authority in global health insurance for digital nomads.