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Whether on the coast of Portugal, in a country hut in the heart of Italy or in the lively flow of the French capital – as a digital nomad, you follow your urge for freedom. Laptop in hand, mobile Internet in your pocket and the journey can begin!

If it weren’t for the tricky question: How am I actually covered as a digital nomad in another European country if I have statutory insurance in my European home country?

With the EHIC! This is the European Health Insurance Card. Read here what it can do and where it has its limits.

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I’ve been a remote entrepreneur for a long time. And almost 20 years in business (yes, I started my first one with 16). I’ve always been self-employed and never signed an employment contract for myself in my life. My background is marketing but over the last decade I slipped into the finance and insurance industry.

Today I earn a good part of my money with my German company which is an insurance broker specialized in children’s health insurance. With a fully remote team of now 6.5 we help parents in Germany to find the best health insurance coverage for their kids.

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