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What is the big difference between travel insurance and international health insurance – and what is the right choice for you as a digital nomad?
Why does one cost less than 100 euros a month and the other usually costs (well) over 200?

Insurance is always the subject of lively debate in the digital nomad community. The question of what recommendations there are for travel insurance or health insurance for digital nomads comes up again and again.
The problem is that the discussions are unfortunately comparing apples with oranges when everyone throws in what he or she has taken out themselves. This is because crucial aspects are not taken into account. We explain them here!

Don’t let your insurance become a source of unsurance

It makes a considerable difference whether you take out international health insurance for several hundred bucks a month. Or just travel insurance, which only costs you 50 bucks. The contrast is not that the insurers are lining their pockets in one case. These are simply two completely different categories.
We want to tackle these misconceptions and clear up the myth.

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