Christoph at Finantsinspektsioon

By July 14, 2021, the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (“Finantsinspektsioon”) has granted the insurance brokers license to Herrmann, Huebner & Partner. With this grand finale of a 1.5 years application process we are now among the first e-Residents’ companies to receive this license in Estonia.

Founder and managing director Christoph Huebner: “We are happy to finally be in the position where we can help fellow e-Residents and location independent entrepreneurs around the world to cover their insurance needs. Especially global health insurance for digital nomads is our expertise and passion!”

All brokers and agents are listed publicly on the website of Finantsinspektsioon. So everybody can check the validy of our license at any time for free and directly here:

We chose Estonia as the place for our incorportation for many reasons. Besides the supportive Nordic business mentality it was the digital infrastructure and the remote-by-design-attitude of the legal framework and business environment. My personal linkage to the e-Residents community and my local networks established in the last couple of years during many long stays in this beautiful part of the world add up to this.

Christoph Huebner

The two founders Markus Herrmann and Christoph Huebner pile up more than four decades of experience together. They have both been working in their Germany based company since 2010: Leni, Leon & die Luchse is a specialized insurance broker for children’s’ health insurance – with a team of 7 working fully remotely since the beginning.

Being digital nomads ourselves and running a remote team in this industry gave us a lot of exposure to the needs of the community in the last years. I’ve been talking in podcasts and on conferences around the globe and was more and more approached by men and women who where at the beginning of their location independent career. Or by whole nomadic families. That’s why we’ve established this company and the website

Christoph Huebner

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