NomadCruise 12: Spain to Brazil

Cruise Ship

NomadCruise 12 invites you to embark on an unforgettable 10-day adventure, commencing on December 2 in Tenerife and concluding in Salvador, Brazil on December 11. This exceptional event promises a perfect blend of work, learning, and exploration, all while connecting with a diverse and global community of remote workers. The Journey: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean: […]

Paddy’s Day Digital Nomad Fest

Dingle, Ireland Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

Was it always on your bucket list to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Festival in Ireland? Then the March Nomad Fest in Dingle, County Kerry, is your place to be! It's a two day event with daily workshops, mini business mastermind sessions with un-conferences & evenings filled with local Irish entertainment. See the streets & faces of […]


Dancing Latitudes: From Lisbon to Tallinn via Train


Embark on an unparalleled land-based journey across Europe, from the sunny landscapes of Lisbon to the historic streets of Tallinn, culminating at Latitude59. This extraordinary expedition isn't just a trip—it's a transformative experience designed for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about the future of digital innovation. Starting in Lisbon with a close-knit group of […]