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The Bosnia Nomad Fest, happening from July 21-28, 2024, in the Bjelašnica Mountains of Bosnia & Herzegovina, is the first event of its kind in the region, supported by the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Organized by industry experts and professionals from the European Digital Nomad Community (members of the team are also responsible for the Digital Nomad Conference in Ireland and the famous Bansko Nomad Fest).

  • Unconferences: Share your passions and ideas in an open format.
  • Community Dinners: Enjoy themed dinners with locally-sourced delicacies.
  • Pop-up Coliving: Stay in a comfortable hotel with breathtaking views.
  • Coworking Spaces: Work in serene, inspiring environments.

Experience inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, and meaningful connections while exploring the rich history and culture of Bosnia. This is an incredible opportunity to make lasting friendships with like-minded individuals.